OVERVIEW - 1st Aug - 4 Nov 19

This is a graph of your site usage since 1st August.    You've had 100 new users who spend around 2 mins 60 seconds on the site and your bounce rate is 46% so I would be looking to lower that .  We can look at where the drop off might be further down.  But you can see the steady rise of users through to October and my guess is that your business diminishes quite quickly now through winter.


This is a graph of location of your users.  The top spot is the UK followed by USA and Canada and you can see in order of country above.


So out of 114 on the home page 80 are dropping off so we need to look at the home page and perhaps think again about layout and what is displayed on there at the moment.   44 are going on look at tours.  10 are going straight to checkout. Then you have some looking at history, about and privacy.  Out of the 44 that are looking at tours 15 are going to checkout and 18 are still looking and browsing and some have gone on to look at history  and about.  So I would say from this it would be prudent to look at why 80 are not going through the site from the homepage and perhaps we should try an alternative home page to test.

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